Success Has No Fixed Formula You Need To Find Your Own

Phone Was Always A Dream,Until and Unless Someone Developed It.

Success Has Its Own Algorithm

Computer Is Not a Tool,But someone's Desire which has grown Bigger

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

March Placement Events

*ACD is a formal HR interaction of students and company officials.
*There is no online test or any technical test in ACD.
*AMCAT is compulsory for all the students, no matter what % they carry.
*There is no registration fee for AMCAT.
*AMCAT is beneficial for self assessment and also gives opportunity of direct interviews in final year.
*AMCAT consists of Verbal, Non-verbal,Aptitude, English and Technical modules.


As we know Accenture is conducting ACD with us on Monday, 18th March'13. For the same PFA list of shortlisted students sent by your HOD's and put the list on your respective channels. Also inform all the students to reach at the venue in proper formals

Late comers will strictly not be allowed.  

List Of Students Eligible For Accenture Campus Day - CS-A.
Adarsh Kr. Verma
Gaurav Singh Chaudhary
Pallavi Maheshwari
Simran Kaur Chabra
Ompal Singh

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Profile I liked....

IT'S none of ur beezness!!!!!


hmm.a classical straight forward guy!!i think life is all about LOVE. That’s my only mantra. My family, the closest of friends and the closest of relatives; they mean everything to me.

I am extremely fun loving, have a decent sense of humor, what you call... intelligent humor. ... a complete dance freak... a shopaholic... crazy for clothes n shoes watches capes... and I believe in living life king size.

I think, I look good, I am a philosopher... a human psychologer... love to speak... extremely romantic... die hard romantic to be honest.... I am extremely emotional and sensitive... a true leo... Well educated, intellectual, professionally stable, ,.. admirable... adorable... charming... always smiling... .. i have everything
except time and sweet girlfriend.becoz both thses things depends on eachother!!!soo def one day
rest all no time to write!!!!talk with ME YOU will know everthing!!!!BETTER!!!!!!
Airspeed, altitude or brains: Two are always needed to successfully complete the flight."

"You start with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck."

"Always try to keep the number of landings you make equal the number of take-offs you've made."

" Never fly in the same cockpit with someone braver than you."

"Flying isn't dangerous. Crashing is what's dangerous."

"It's always better to be down on the ground wishing you were up in the air than up in the air wishing you were down on the ground."

"Trust your captain but keep your seat belt securely fastened. "

"Passengers prefer old captains and young flight attendants. "

"A male pilot is a confused soul who talks about women when he's flying, and about flying when he's with a woman. "I AM as chilly as Beer,as strong as Tequila,as warm as Vodka,as exotic as Rum,as heady as Whisky & as special as Champagne...........!!!!!!

i m a PUNJABI:-
P- Pangebaaz
U -Unbeatable
N -Naughty
J -Joshiley
A -Azaad
B -Brave
I -IntelligentSIKHS arent good, we r da best
PUNJABIS arent cute, we r sooooo BANGIN!!!......
PUNJABIS dont relax, we chill
PUNJABIS dont dance, we Bhangra
PUNJABIS dont just do it, we do it best
PUNJABIS are da people u could ALWAYS trust
PUNJABIS arent nice, we r sweet
PUNJABIS arent just friends, we r lovers
PUNJABIS arent cool, we r awesome

Monday, 21 January 2013

Entrepreneur : Do you have that In You.

Do Entrepreneurs think differently ???

This question hits on a favorite topic around here, discussed not just by new students, but also by our entrepreneur teachers and alumni. But first, since there are two different ways to interpret the question, we need to make an assumption clear. Do entrepreneurs think differently than each other or differently than everyone else? While we know that entrepreneurs can definitely be prone to disagree, we’re more interested in how successful entrepreneurs take a different approach to things than much of the rest of the population.

Do Entrepreneurs Think Differently Than Everyone Else?

As we discussed in a previous post, it’s clear that most entrepreneurs and successful Acton scholars have  many traits in common with each other. Taken collectively, it seems certain that they would have a direct impact on the decisions and choices that an entrepreneur makes. However, it’s also possible for someone to have the same assortment of traits, without pursuing an entrepreneurial life or endeavor.
So we’d argue that the answer to the main question really has two parts.
  • How do entrepreneurs look at problems or obstacles?
  • What do they then do about them?
To understand what makes entrepreneurs different, it’s important to understand both steps.

How Entrepreneurs Perceive Problems

A key characteristic of entrepreneurs is their interest in problem solving, whether it’s presented by a market, an established way of doing things, or merely a daily inconvenience. Where many individuals might simply complain or accept a problem as a part of life, an entrepreneur notices it and begins to ask questions. Why must this be so? Could that obstacle be removed? Is there be a better way to do this? What other alternatives might exist? Is this a puzzle that can be solved?
Where others may see problems, entrepreneurs see opportunities. But simply recognizing an opportunity isn’t enough. This is not simply an issue of  the proverbial half full or half empty glass. Successful entrepreneurs first select the right opportunities and then they act. Decisively.

Decide and Go

No entrepreneur could attempt to pursue every opportunity. In addition to considering the merits of the opportunity itself, successful entrepreneurs also consider its feasibility, timing, context, available talent, investment required, their own skills, and many other factors before deciding to act. However, once it is time to make a decision, it is taking that well-considered and deliberate action that makes for a successful entrepreneur. If action never follows thought, then no business, enterprise or product  can be realized. Successful entrepreneurs know how to execute or find people who do.

Digging Deeper

At Acton, our curriculum has been designed to provide our students with a full set of skills, tools and resources to both analyze opportunities and to execute on a plan, when they choose an opportunity. Every successful entrepreneur that we know asks the right questions and then acts. (They also continue to ask the right questions, but that’s a topic for another day.)
The exact right questions will always be determined by the nature of the opportunity and of the individual entrepreneur. But a handful of sample questions, shared below, cast some light on the factors an entrepreneur will consider.
  • Can you solve the problem better, faster or cheaper than others? Can you achieve more than one of these? Which of the three is the most important in this specific case?
  • What is your key success factor? What’s the most important investment you must make to ensure your opportunity has its best prospect? How much will this investment cost? What will you have gained the day after you’ve made the investment?
  • Are you the right person to pursue this? Do you have the skills and talent to solve the problem or the ability to hire others who do? Is your personal expertise and experience relevant to the opportunity? Are you able to recruit and inspire others who have required expertise that you don’t have?
  • Is this the right opportunity for you? Is it consistent with your own vision, goals and plans? Does it support or conflict with your values and requirements?
  • What other paths will you give up to pursue this opportunity? Literally, what is your opportunity cost? If you pursue this, what other options and experiences are you giving up? Have you selected the right opportunity to which you’ll devote your attention?

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Although we do believe that entrepreneurs have unique characteristics and a certain way of doing things to achieve results, we also know that successful entrepreneurial tools and approaches can be taught to willing students. It’s the consistent and disciplined application of these techniques and a willingness to ask hard questions, by our students in the classroom and our alumni in the real world, that makes these lessons take root and grow.

How I braved Annu Aunty

A good book by Varun Aggarwal : A Must read for all Entrepreneurs.


To Buy Your Book : Click Here :::::: GET IT DELIVERED AT YOUR HOME

Book Details ::::
Twenty-something Varun is in a fix: he shuns the corporate rat race and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Armed with an unwanted engineering degree, his hours are filled with friends, pub-hopping, and ‘stalking’ the girl he loves on Facebook.
But when the formidable Anu Aunty enters his life, his languorous existence spirals out of control. She tries steering the course of Varun’s destiny by scheming to bring him on ‘track’. His mother turns on the Bollywood histrionics and drags him to a counsellor. Feeling cornered, Varun hatches a strategy to hoodwink the canny aunty at her own game. But as the chase heats up, who will have the last word? Will Anu Aunty thwart his plans to found a million dollar company Or will he succeed Along the way, Varun learns his best business lessons from kitty parties and the ubiquitous Indian aunty.
Hilarious, informative and filled with nuggets of everyday wisdom, this page-turner will inspire budding entrepreneurs not to give up on their dreams

Book Reviews :::

"Fast-paced and irreverent " - The New York Times
"Vibrant and inspiring" - The Times of India
"A book that you can connect with" - The Hindu
"A story about achieving your dreams and living it" - The Deccan Chronicle
"A true story about going after your dreams" - Outlook India
"Inspiring the young to reach for the stars. A true success" - The Indian Express
"Fascinating and Entertaining" - The Indian Today Group

A Review :::
Varun Agarwal- Inspiring, Innovating, Achieving
The book starts with 20 something Varun who’s freshly out of engineering and unemployed. And Varun takes you through his journey to being the Co-founder of a Million Dollar Company. But the journey is not an easy one. One of the biggest obstacles in his path is the famed ‘Anu Aunty’ , The typical nosy Indian aunt. And then there are the usual incidents in every college graduates life, late nights, incidents with cops, stalking your crush on facebook and much more. The book is in simple English and is narrated so effortlessly it’s like a friend telling you the story of his life. And there are times when you think to yourself, damn all this has happened to me too! The book encapsulates todays generation and shows the older generations that we’re just not all fun and enjoyment and when we put our minds to something we can truly own this world.
A truly entertaining book filled with all the traditional Indian and Bangalore words like ‘Enthu-cutlet’ and ‘Putting Kai’.
But entertainment aside, the book is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read and Varun has done his best to motivate & inspire anyone reading the book to follow their dreams and never give up. Something i firmly believe in, and being an entrepreneur myself there’s so much i could relate to n the book and id recommend it to anyone who has their own thing going or is planning to start up.
Varuns even taken the trouble to add a post script with do and don’ts for wannabe entrepreneurs.
Closing verdict is that this book it truly a must read for every student (especially those struggling under VTU ). So go and get your copy right now and get rid of the Anu Aunty in your life! 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My First Catch....PART - 1

My father was a worker in a income tax office and didnot had good income at the time I was in class 5 like every other Indian boy I loved cricket more than anything in the world but beacuse of my fathers inablitity to buy me equipments I was upset and depressed.My neighbor were rich so obviously his son could afford every rich luxury of cricket.Above all my neighbour was himself a Cricket player and played for Railways.So he made his enrolled on the Cricket Coaching.Everyday he would go to the cricket ground in his white uniform holding a cricket kit.This used to make me depressed and disheartened.But no one can win over fate.

 So I started going to university campus where everyday university students used to play their daily games and I used to field the balls that came on boundaries and used to pass to the players. As soon as I touched the leather ball the fragrance it just memorized me.....I just like the touch and feel of the ball the true feeling is  not describable no word fit that point.

The ball just created a adrenaline rush in my body.This process continued day after the day and weeks after weeks I would each follow the same routine going to school and changing then back to casuals and going to university ground every day.Days slipped to weeks and weeks changed to months.I would go to the field each day with no fail and no return expected but I used go closer a inch every time.Now the sports person were also familiar with me.They used to give me tasks like ja paani bhar kar la and I used down the entire campus and fetch water in the bottle I got and run back the entire distance.It continued months changed to years and within time I was in class VII.
Then one day while I was outside boundary a fast pacer bowled the ball and he batsmen hit a massive shot the ball went pass in nic of a second over the fieldsmen and was flying over and high the ball again raised my spirit I dont how and why I started running towards the ball. And I caught the ball with a huge dive. the action was so severe that even I couldnot think of it and I was shocked all players started clapping the applauded were not stopping becoz catching that ball was next to impossible Every one was hypnotized I was yet in the state of shock.

Rest Is Pending stay tuned.........

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Want Any Lab Code

If U Want any lab code::::::

mail me :

feedback are always welcome

LRU Page Replacement Algo in C

/* program to implement page replacement using LRU algorithm*/
int i,j=1,k,l,re[30],p[10],ch,no,nr,c,al=0,a,line=6;
struct re
          int st,l,ps;
          printf("enter the length of the reference string:");
          printf("enter the reference string:");
          printf("\n enter the number of frames:");
                                                else if(a==0)

display(int no,int p[],int i)
          int k;
                   printf(" ");