Sunday, 1 April 2012

Success is not a destination it is a journey


We often hear that people boasting about I am successfull but is success really a destination ? If yes then
reliance would have never been a multi millionare bussiness house,
apple would have stopped after macintosh os,
there would have been no infosys,

Because as far as we feel we treat success is as destination but have u ever imagined after ur success in one project we tend to move on another project with more confidence and zeal our ultimate goal is far off and to our surprise that ultimate goal is also not our destination that is also the step to another goal which is much wider and better.

Who says failure is opposite to success ? In my observation failure is nothing but getting close to success.don't work to be successful work because you want to. It is often seen that when we work to be successfull we waste our time thinking about goal so guys just work because u think u want to work. When u focus on work u attain small success in terms of short goals that makes ur path comfortable and easy.
Let me narrate a story :
Once a 5 year child went to his guru to attain knowledge.
He asked him :
Guruji how much time will take to complete my education ?
The teacher replied him : 5 yrs if u practise 8 hrs a day.

The students asked : wht if I practise 16 hrs a day?
The teacher replied : 10 yrs
The student out of tension asked : if I study 24 hrs a day?
the guru replied : 20 yrs.....

The boy thought and asked when I am devoting more time then why r u increasing my time of education :
The guru told : son ! When u foucs on time then u tend to waste your time watching time and hence you go back one step from your goal.
Moral : when u want to achieve something in life then don't wait fr time jst start and time will follow u


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