Monday, 21 January 2013

How I braved Annu Aunty

A good book by Varun Aggarwal : A Must read for all Entrepreneurs.


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Book Details ::::
Twenty-something Varun is in a fix: he shuns the corporate rat race and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Armed with an unwanted engineering degree, his hours are filled with friends, pub-hopping, and ‘stalking’ the girl he loves on Facebook.
But when the formidable Anu Aunty enters his life, his languorous existence spirals out of control. She tries steering the course of Varun’s destiny by scheming to bring him on ‘track’. His mother turns on the Bollywood histrionics and drags him to a counsellor. Feeling cornered, Varun hatches a strategy to hoodwink the canny aunty at her own game. But as the chase heats up, who will have the last word? Will Anu Aunty thwart his plans to found a million dollar company Or will he succeed Along the way, Varun learns his best business lessons from kitty parties and the ubiquitous Indian aunty.
Hilarious, informative and filled with nuggets of everyday wisdom, this page-turner will inspire budding entrepreneurs not to give up on their dreams

Book Reviews :::

"Fast-paced and irreverent " - The New York Times
"Vibrant and inspiring" - The Times of India
"A book that you can connect with" - The Hindu
"A story about achieving your dreams and living it" - The Deccan Chronicle
"A true story about going after your dreams" - Outlook India
"Inspiring the young to reach for the stars. A true success" - The Indian Express
"Fascinating and Entertaining" - The Indian Today Group

A Review :::
Varun Agarwal- Inspiring, Innovating, Achieving
The book starts with 20 something Varun who’s freshly out of engineering and unemployed. And Varun takes you through his journey to being the Co-founder of a Million Dollar Company. But the journey is not an easy one. One of the biggest obstacles in his path is the famed ‘Anu Aunty’ , The typical nosy Indian aunt. And then there are the usual incidents in every college graduates life, late nights, incidents with cops, stalking your crush on facebook and much more. The book is in simple English and is narrated so effortlessly it’s like a friend telling you the story of his life. And there are times when you think to yourself, damn all this has happened to me too! The book encapsulates todays generation and shows the older generations that we’re just not all fun and enjoyment and when we put our minds to something we can truly own this world.
A truly entertaining book filled with all the traditional Indian and Bangalore words like ‘Enthu-cutlet’ and ‘Putting Kai’.
But entertainment aside, the book is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read and Varun has done his best to motivate & inspire anyone reading the book to follow their dreams and never give up. Something i firmly believe in, and being an entrepreneur myself there’s so much i could relate to n the book and id recommend it to anyone who has their own thing going or is planning to start up.
Varuns even taken the trouble to add a post script with do and don’ts for wannabe entrepreneurs.
Closing verdict is that this book it truly a must read for every student (especially those struggling under VTU ). So go and get your copy right now and get rid of the Anu Aunty in your life! 


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