Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My First Catch....PART - 1

My father was a worker in a income tax office and didnot had good income at the time I was in class 5 like every other Indian boy I loved cricket more than anything in the world but beacuse of my fathers inablitity to buy me equipments I was upset and depressed.My neighbor were rich so obviously his son could afford every rich luxury of cricket.Above all my neighbour was himself a Cricket player and played for Railways.So he made his enrolled on the Cricket Coaching.Everyday he would go to the cricket ground in his white uniform holding a cricket kit.This used to make me depressed and disheartened.But no one can win over fate.

 So I started going to university campus where everyday university students used to play their daily games and I used to field the balls that came on boundaries and used to pass to the players. As soon as I touched the leather ball the fragrance it just memorized me.....I just like the touch and feel of the ball the true feeling is  not describable no word fit that point.

The ball just created a adrenaline rush in my body.This process continued day after the day and weeks after weeks I would each follow the same routine going to school and changing then back to casuals and going to university ground every day.Days slipped to weeks and weeks changed to months.I would go to the field each day with no fail and no return expected but I used go closer a inch every time.Now the sports person were also familiar with me.They used to give me tasks like ja paani bhar kar la and I used down the entire campus and fetch water in the bottle I got and run back the entire distance.It continued months changed to years and within time I was in class VII.
Then one day while I was outside boundary a fast pacer bowled the ball and he batsmen hit a massive shot the ball went pass in nic of a second over the fieldsmen and was flying over and high the ball again raised my spirit I dont how and why I started running towards the ball. And I caught the ball with a huge dive. the action was so severe that even I couldnot think of it and I was shocked all players started clapping the applauded were not stopping becoz catching that ball was next to impossible Every one was hypnotized I was yet in the state of shock.

Rest Is Pending stay tuned.........