Saturday, 3 November 2012

What Is A Leader????

Yes what is a leader.
Some might think as a strange question but my question is correct.

Leader : A term which in our dictionary refers to 40+ old aged person who carries with himself his experience and knowledge who can tackle difficulties.

But Is he actually worthy of being called a Leader I doubt ?

We often see such characteristics in leader but the reverse is just true.

All those 40+ old mangers who are being talked of are just the power in position.A leader is one who inspire and motivates !!!!! Ya a bit bookish.
Lets simplfy In terms of Aditya Dua you are not a leader :

1.If you take the credit of your win.
2.If you fail you blame your team
3.If you believe you should head the team
4.If you believe you can get the work done by anger.

A person who heads the team is actually just a power head he may or may not be a good leader.
A leader is one who takes responsibility of all the failures that happens but forwards his teammates when it comes to collecting laurels.Even a junior level person in a team may be a leader because it requires skills of composure and able to tackle problems.

Dont worry I am not a leader I am doing just what I wish to convey


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